GRP Flat Roofing  

the first part of the monolithic Topseal roof system. Once all the trims are in place each joint is carefully laminated with GRP 450gm bandage to provide additional structural strength at all joints and roof detail.

Once the deck and trim details are completed the roof is laminated with Topseal. Topseal resins are formulated for the job they have to do. They are more flexible than ordinary GRP polyesters, have low shrink characteristics (all polyesters shrink as they cure!) have low styrene emissions making them more environmentally friendly and safer to use.


Topseal is a specially formulated roofing resin developed to provide a flexible high performance covering that will outperform the competition.

The roof is finally sealed with a further coating of polyester topcoat. This is pigmented to improve both the final appearance of the roof and to seal the fibres in the surface against any water ingress. The topcoat can be pigmented in any colour, although we recommend a light grey colour to diminish thermal gain. The topcoat will also stop any UV transmission into the body of the GRP layer.

We start with a typical roof of traditional felt over timber that has reached the end of its life. A roof that leaks and has already gone through systematic repair over the years to seal against leaks.We then form a completely new deck using sterling OSB3 conditioned boards. These tongue and grooved boards in 2400x600mm are laid to staggered joints to form a completely new decking.

Once the entire roof area is decked we apply all the detail to the new roof. Fixing trims as required to form