GRP Flat Roofing  

or joints, designed to give MAXIMUM performance. The Glassfibre layer is formed directly onto the new deck and bonds to the decking boards to form a fully bonded roof. The monolithic skin or laminate contains no welds or glued joints. The entire roof surface and all the edge detail are formed in one continuous piece of GRP bonded to the roof deck and any associated structures. This means there are absolutely no joints to fail. All preformed details including outlets, edge trims, flashings etc are made from GRP so that there can be no difference in the rates of expansion. Because the roof laminate is fully bonded it can be applied to form a warm roof without the possibility of intersticial condensation.


Topseal is a wet laid, GRP laminate made from cold applied, preaccelerated, unsaturated polyester resin solution in styrene reinforced with emulsion bound chopped strand mat. Finished with a pigmented polyster topcoat and cured with peroxide catalyst to give a monolithic, fully bonded GRP layer of either 450gm or 600gm glass content. What a mouthful. In other words - Topseal is a layer of GRP laid to a prepared deck to form a waterproof layer that will last & last & last !

Topseal is a monolithic laminate that contains no welds